High Street Fit Finder is an online information service that removes the frustration, and dressing room agony, from shopping for jeans.

We find you the perfect fit and tell you what size to buy.

It’s new, it’s different, and it’s the little retail revolution that you know just needs to happen… get involved and join us, and together we’ll bring sense to sizing!



tape measure



It’s FREE to register and in return you’ll receive;

Instant access to otherwise unavailable information about what size you are in each store

Access to the latest offers from High Street brands

Limited additional advertising (it can only be non-airbrushed or body positive and body diverse)

The power to influence sizing on the High Street

Just received my jeans and I love them, they are the perfect fit!

Katherine R.

I find it really hard to find jeans that fit, so I measured my waist, put in my details and it found all the jeans that would fit me.  When my new jeans arrived they fitted perfectly!

Katie H.

I have discovered the clothing shop of my dreams; a website that’ll find the perfect jeans based on my measurements and preferred style. It’s something quite genius!

Louise P.

It really couldn’t be simpler & seriously cuts down the stress of online shopping.



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