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Jeans that fit waist and hips

In years gone by, the waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) has been used to determine a woman’s health, fertility, attractiveness, and even cognitive ability! Whilst we won’t be using the ratio here today, the difference between the waist and hip circumferences can help to find that elusive pair of jeans that fit both your waist and your hips.

First off, we need to do some measuring…waist hip difference

To measure your waist

  • Wrap the measure around you at your narrowest point (likely to be midway between your last rib bone and the top of your hip bone).
  • If you are carrying most of your weight around your middle and it’s difficult to know where to take the measurement, place the tape one inch above your belly button.

To measure your hips

  • Wrap the measure around you at your widest point (this is approximately 8 inches/20cm lower than where you measured your waist).

Then to calculate the difference, take the waist measurement away from the hip measurement

Hip – Waist = Difference

e.g. 43 inches – 33 inches = 10 inches

The bigger the difference, the curvier your figure.

With our access to all the High Street retailer’s size charts, we can see that the average difference between the waist and hip circumference is 10 inches and is therefore, the most catered for. The smallest difference between the waist and hip circumference is 8.5 inches, and the largest difference is 12 inches.

To help you shop at the right store for your shape, please find below a list of stores classified by the difference in their jeans’ waist to hip measurement.

8.5 inches

Ted Baker

9 inches

East, Miss Selfridge, Oasis, Pilot, Planet, Wallis, Windsmoor

9.5 inches

H & M, M&Co, Monsoon

10 inches

bhs, Bon Marche, CC, Dorothy Perkins, Fat Face, French Connection, Great Plains, Hobbs, Jacques Vert, Jaeger, Joules, Kaliko, Karen Millen, Long Tall Sally, Minuet Petite, New Look, O’Neill, Peacocks, Phase Eight, Precis Petite, Reiss, River Island, The White Company, Uniqlo, Whistles

11 inches

Jane Norman, Marks & Spencer (M&S Collection), White Stuff

12 inches

Levi’s Bold Curve, American Apparel (High-waist)


Please note some retailers are not listed here as they do not publish a hip measurement or they use various waist to hip differentials depending on the size.