Tall clothing collections on the High Street

The third, and last, in a series of blog posts about clothing collections on the High Street, we tell you where you can go to get clothes that fit you if you are tall.

Aside from our Fit Finder (where you can find jeans that fit you in seconds, no matter what your size or shape), we thought we would list the stores that have tall clothing collections; those that have been specifically designed for women who are 5’7”/1.7m or taller:

Other stores that sell inseams equal to or greater than 35”/89cm include;

Please let us know if we have missed out a High Street store that you know has a tall range, or sells an inseam greater than 35”/89cm and we will add them to the lists.

We’ve compiled this series of posts to make it easier for you to shop on the High Street.  Remember that sizes should just be used for purchasing – don’t define who you are by them.

Happy shopping!

Updated 12.3.2015 (* denotes affiliate link)


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